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7 Tips for Styling Maxi Dress Skirt for the Workplace

7 Tips for Styling Maxi Dress Skirt for the Workplace

Posted by Bryanna Greene, Owner of Urban Prestige on Jan 21st 2017

How to Style a Maxi dress or skirt for the workplace

Maxi dresses and skirts are nice staples when you want to look flawless effortlessly. The dresses can be worn with nice jackets and blazers to compliment the style and cut of the dress. While maxi skirts can be paired with tank tops, blouses, or crop tops, depending on the style you're looking for.

But what how do you style them in a professional manner?

In this blog post I will give your fabulous readers 7 tips to style this staple piece using help from Pinterest:

1. Stick To Neutral Colors:

These are your blacks, navy blues, Tan, dark browns, and (sometimes) white. Neutral colors work best in the workplace as they aren't drawing attention to any loud colors.

Example style from Pinterest:

Maxi dress for workplace nude colors

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2. Wear Wedges:

Depending on where you work, try wearing a nice comfortable pair of Wedge sandals or heels. This will elevate you, and prevent the maxi dress or skirt from dragging on the floor.

Example style from pinterest

Maxi dress with wedges pinterest urbanprestigeclothing

3. Wear Flats:

Depending on where you work, you may be restricted to only wearing flats or sandals. So make sure to choose a maxi skirt or dress that has an appropriate length. (Find out what to do when your Maxi Dress is too long!)

Example Style from Pinterest:

white maxi dress with flats sandals urbanprestigeclothing

4. Add a Blazer:

A nice jacket or chic blazer will upgrade your maxi dress from casual to professional boss babe! From neutrals to a spark of color, adding a blazer or jacket will help pull your outfit together.

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Example style from Pinterest:

maxi dress with blazer pinterest how to

5. Keep Hair Formal:

Hair is an accessory, and it can played with to add to the professional vibe. Try styling hair in buns, updos, and ponytails and avoid the more casual flowy, afro, or curly hair. Having your hair pinned up will make you appear taller since the skirt or dress will be long and flowy.

Example style from Pinterest:

maxi dress with hair in bun pinterest

6. Avoid Crazy Patterns:

This goes along with style tip #1, however you can still find loud patterns in neutral colors. It's best to play it safe and avoid crazy fabric patterns that could draw to much attention in the work place. Again, this would depend on where you work and if your manager approves of bold patterns for your uniform.

Example style from Pinterest:

navy blue maxi dress pinterest

7. Watch the Lengths:

Finally, be aware of the length of your skirt or maxi dress. It should not be dramatically dragging on the floor, or too short to the point it looks awkward. When buying maxi skirts make sure to measure your height, and the length of the dress before buying. Although most maxi pieces can be altered, it would be better to purchase something you know will fit well!

Example style from Pinterest:

yellow maxi skirt pinterest how to style

What other Styling Tips would you Give for wearing Maxi Skirts and Dresses in the workplace?

Let Me know in the comments!